Why Membership Matters

Top 14 Reasons to Be a Member

Your Union Stands Up for You and We Stand Together. Solidarity is a fundamental reason why employees organize unions.

Negotiates the Local Contract. We bargain local contracts that benefit everyone, despite membership status.

Just Cause and Due Process. These create job security for educators and a transparent/fair way to address job standing in the workplace.

Right to Strike and Strong Organizing. The right to strike balances power between administration and employees.

Good Faith Bargaining and Good Labor Relations. There are no “divorces” in this work. We must strive to cooperate with administration, but also take a stand on what is right.

Prevent Subcontracting. Districts cannot privatize work done by educators without our consent.

Supporting Retirees. We won the addition of spousal coverage to retiree health insurance and continue to protect pensions.

Health Care Reform and Affordable Insurance. We helped form VEHI, an insurance program that provides high quality benefits.

Legal Assistance, Liability Insurance. We have your back. Local unions and individual members receive free legal representation in matters related to employment.

Leadership and Professional Training. As an education union, we are committed to assisting our members become better professionals and better leaders in their unions and communities.

Discounts and Savings. When you join the local union, you also join the state and national union. Size matters and we can offer collective rewards to save you money.

We Don’t Ignore Politics Because Politics Doesn’t Ignore Us. We advocate and defend public education and workers’ rights every day.

We are a Democratic Union. Every member has a vote for local leaders, local contracts, state leadership, and local and state dues, and national leadership within the NEA.

Your Local Union Matters. The local is your voice to enforce your contract and improve working conditions. Ge involved!

Adapted from a VT-NEA Publication.

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