Thank you Tom!

Tom Cummings

Tom Cummings, Special Education teacher at Burlington High School since 1993, is retiring after 28 years at BHS and another 4 years at Hunt Middle School where he began in the district in 1989. 

Tom was always looking out for all students, not just his own. He was a strong advocate for special education and practical solutions to student learning challenges.

Tom had some great one-liners when it came to administration. Who remembers the colorful “Turning the Screw” email? While these one-liners were entertaining, they were always spot on and refreshingly candid.

Get it done for your students.

Tom Cummings

Words from Tom:

What I will miss:  The colleagueship for sure. I love the people I have worked with and will miss those day-to-day interactions.

What I am proudest of: When I left Hunt to start the Bridge Program at BHS. I saw this need to help my students successfully transition from middle school to high school. I made this need known to administration and after months of lobbying they gave me the green light. Bridge was born.

Advice to pass on:  Hold your ground. If you believe in something that is in the best interests of your students and needs to be done, then don’t f*****g wimp out. Get it done for your students.

Future Plans:  Besides the work on expanding my Ebay store, I’ll be enjoying retirement relocating to South Carolina near the ocean fishing and playing golf

Words from Colleagues:

I marveled at the Common Sense Tom always brought to any situation.  He wasn’t ever using ridiculous Education Jargon….just common sense for his advocacy for Students and their well being.   I will miss him and his passion for Kids; and Lunch time of course!!!     Underrated Tom was for all his efforts.  He will be missed. Tom Ryan

I’m going to miss Tom Cummings for selfish reasons. Every time they sold BHS Super Fan T-Shirts, they never had any that would fit either Tom or myself. They always stopped at XL. No 2XL or 3XL for us bigger fellas.

Now, with Tom gone, I’ll be the only one that’s left out. I think there’s an equity issue here…. Scott Hubbard

Tom and I drove together for a meeting off campus. As we were coming back I offered to buy lunch at Al’s French Fries expecting that to be an offer he couldn’t turn down. To my surprise though he turned to look at me and exclaimed, “But it’s burrito day!” Tom’s love and devotion to BHS’ Thursday burritos was so strong I could not convince him. What will he do when he no longer has school lunch to feed his soul? Josh Edelbaum

Thank you for all your support these past 5 years. It has been great working with you and getting to know you. Your guidance through everything has been much appreciated and I will definitely miss working with you. Thank you for all the fun memories and best of luck with your business and your retirement. I hope to see you around! Thanks again for everything! Molly DiMasi

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