Thank you Sue!

Sue Marvin

Sue Marvin has worked in education for about 30 years, and most of this time as a special ed teacher. This is her 20th year teaching in Burlington at Edmunds Middle School. She considers this quite an accomplishment, as her family moved frequently when she was growing up. Sue attended 10 schools by the time she was 19! As an adult she also made numerous moves for her husband’s career, and even made three out of state moves in five years (with three school age children). In addition to working in Vermont, Sue worked in Cincinnati as an Educational Evaluator and as an Intervention Coordinator. She taught in  Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio, so she has been very happy to have spent this stretch of her career in one school.

My advice to future educators is to reach out to your colleagues when you’re stuck and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Sue Marvin

Words from Sue:

What I will miss:  I’ll miss the connections with students and staff (but I certainly won’t miss setting an alarm clock).

What I am proudest of: I would say my proudest moments in education are when I’ve been able to connect with challenging students, as well as when I’ve been able to teach something in a way that a student has finally gotten the idea, skill or concept, after they were struggling with it for a long time.

Advice to pass on:  My advice to future educators is to reach out to your colleagues when you’re stuck and don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Future Plans:  My plans in retirement are to stay active outdoors biking, hiking, skiing, and snow shoeing for as long as I can. We also plan to travel, and are buying a travel trailer and plan to take some extended trips around the U.S. We are also making plans for a trip to New Zealand next summer to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

Words from Colleagues:

Sue always puts kids first.  I have witnessed her use her prep time to work with students who need help catching up, many who are not on a caseload, but could just use a boost.  She has been a great advocate and made a difference for many students. Daryl Kuhn

When I worked with Sue I was so impressed with her commitment to helping students be successful. She would always have their best interests in mind and it was obvious that she truly wanted them to be seen as just another student (and not a Sped kid) Jim Monahan 

I was fortunate to have two chapters with Sue, working together on two different teams over the years. I often thought about how lucky students have been to have someone so caring and constant in their lives. Sue does everything possible to ensure student success and makes us better educators through her collaboration and support. Rich Boyers

Sue is a positive and hardworking colleague that will be dearly missed. She encouraged students and connected with families daily. She was a hard advocate for all of her students and a great problem solver. Sue thought outside of the box and was a dedicated teacher that was always present and on time. She helped guide new special educators in the Middle School “ways”. Good luck with your new chapter in life and enjoy all the travels! EMS will miss you!   Eva Gonova

Sue is the silent but awesome colleague who always pitches in for everything. She’s been the EMS Special Ed notetaker for many years and never once complained. If there is some crazy script or silly song teachers are doing to send colleagues off at the end of the year, Sue is ALL IN, ready to do it and make people laugh. She’s caring and supportive for her colleagues and private about her own trials and tribulations so as not to burden her peers (though I wish she would  tell us more so we can support her). She never forgets to remind us that it’s time for us to appreciate paras for their hard work, or to remind us to raise money for a colleague in need. Finally, she shows up and is present everyday for her students. She makes sure they are confident in their reading and supports them when they struggle. Sue is that silent but awesome colleague. She is appreciated more than she knows. Kim Means

Through all of the changes that special ed at EMS has dished out, Sue has flexed and flowed and supported others through it all. She was our standardized test provider, our reading specialist, our team leader and all around good sport when she lost the “Not It” game. She welcomed us into her home for many special ed retreats. She surprised us with her R-O-W-D-I-E cheer when we needed a lift. She followed up with us when she sensed we needed personal support. She also had a subtle way of showing up and supporting her students as well as her colleagues. Her generosity and kindness will be missed. Ann Gatch

EMS is lucky to have had Sue as part of our community. She’s been a passionate educator with the ability to think creatively and inclusively.  She’s also been a strong advocate for her students. They knew she believed in them, and they knew she expected them to give their best effort. They also knew she would help and support them every step of the way.

Sue has been a team player, always ready to pitch in, from field trips to fundraisers and everything in between. If there was a need, Sue stepped up. I will miss her can-do spirit, her kind, caring nature, and her hallway catch-up conversations. She made time to ask about life outside of school, and my spirits were always lifted after these exchanges.

May Sue enjoy every minute of her new “life outside of school.”  She’s worked hard and given much, and I hope her retirement is filled with all the things that bring her joy. Kathy Gallagher

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