Thank you Patrick!

Patrick Barrett

Patrick Barrett has been an English teacher at Burlington High School since 1999. During his time at BHS, Mr. Barrett has worked tirelessly to make Burlington High School a more inclusive, equitable community. He organized and ran the high school’s Arts and Peace Day, a schoolwide event that brought students and staff together through storytelling and art.  A strong curriculum leader, Mr. Barrett also worked to create the English department’s new elective program for 11th and 12th graders. Mr. Barrett is a strong believer in the importance of providing students with the tools they need to negotiate the world in which they live–critical thinking, honest and open communication, compassion–and the significant role that public education plays in helping them develop those skills. Mr. Barrett’s students were exposed to the power and wonder of cinema, literature, and language under his thoughtful and courageous tutelage. 

Mr. Barrett has been a valued member of the school community for students and teachers alike. His wisdom and composure have helped make Burlington High School’s environment as safe and as warm as possible, even during periods of tension and difficulty. He will be greatly missed by the BHS community.  

Words from Colleagues:

Patrick Barrett brought a wealth of knowledge to the English Department on topics including world literature, philosophy and cinema studies.His compassionate, empathetic nature allowed him to connect with his colleagues and students alike. Whenever a person was feeling lost and displaced, after a conversation with Patrick, they always left feeling grounded and hopeful again, and this was true of both staff and students. His thoughtful, Socratic way of teaching allowed him to guide students along the path to learning in a way that allowed so much room for self discovery that they never realized they were being led in the first place! A loyal patron of the arts, we shall miss Patrick’s presence at the BHS Drama Club productions in the years to come. I wish Patrick all the best as he begins the next leg of his life’s journey. He is an amazing teacher, a loyal friend and he will be greatly missed! Tammie Ledoux-Moody, English teacher, BHS

Patrick Barrett is the wisest and kindest soul I know.  He is a dear friend and colleague, and there are no words for how much he will be missed.  Whenever I have needed a friendly face, a laugh, or a pearl of wisdom, Patrick has been there for me. Burlington High School has been a warmer and more inclusive place due to Patrick’s presence.  The students and staff at BHS owe him a debt of gratitude for all that he has taught us through his 21 years as an educator and mentor.  Thank you, Patrick.   Jill Kelley, English teacher BHS

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