Thank you Kevin!

Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook began his teaching career at BHS in 1994.  Since then, he has been a steady member of the English department, teaching all courses and levels.  Kevin co-led the work to create a more inclusive and varied English elective program. He taught courses that challenged students in exciting new ways- courses such as Speech, Semantics, and American Literature Honors Seminar.  The English department guru of American literature, Kevin is capable of finding a Great Gatsby quote for any occasion.  Known for his wit and humor,  Kevin often brought laughter to the English department at the very moments levity was needed.  Kevin is a cherished colleague who will be dearly missed.  A devoted father and world traveler, Kevin is off to new adventures.  We wish him well in his retirement and thank him for his many years of service to the Burlington School District. Kevin, you’ll have to get the grass cut because it’s time to celebrate!

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