Thank you Fran!

Fran Demasi

Fran Demasi has been an educator and coach for 35 years – 30 of them in the Burlington School District. He has spent most of his time at Burlington High School and has also worked at Flynn Elementary School and Barnes Elementary School (now know as The Sustainability Academy).

Be well prepared for you classes and enhance your own education.

Fran Demasi

Words from Fran:

What I will miss: My colleagues for sure… but not staff meetings. I will miss being at school every day and working with kids.  

What I am proudest of: Spending time with students.

Advice to pass on:  Be well prepared for your classes and enhance your own education.

Future Plans:  Working at my property management business, Island Handyman, spending time with my kids, and traveling.

Words from Colleagues:

Fran loves coaching soccer- he’s taken a multinational multicultural team and brought them together so well they’ve won 2 state championships!  In the off season, he is famous for his laidback attitude and ongoing “conversations” with Pavel before he retired.  What a duo!  I also appreciate Fran for his handyman skills- he figured out how to hang a stained glass lamp for me that had been languishing for 3 years- I think of him every time I turn it on- thank you!!  Fran, your smile will be missed–enjoy retirement!  Laura Allyan

Fran is an extraordinary educator. Over the years he not only has provided learning opportunities for students, but he has created learning experiences. “Demasi” as many of the students call him, has made Physical Education fun. Fran has worked hard to ensure all students have the ability to participate in classes. Fran has also developed hundreds and thousands of student connections over the years. There have been several years where Fran has taught over 230 students; this is a quarter of the entire school. Fran Demasi is also a beloved coach. His first love is soccer, but also coached girls’ ice hockey for many years and more recently coached the boys’ tennis team. All of the teams Fran has coached have had amazing successes including Division I Championship Titles.  Gayle Botelho

Fran will be extremely missed by all, especially his colleagues in the PE department. He brought humor, expertise and a passion for teaching everyday he walked through the doors of BHS. He is phenomenal at building relationships with his students and players. He created a positive environment for students to flourish whether it be by the lake, in the gym, or on the athletic fields. Fran is a wonderful human with many talents and the BHS community was lucky to have him for so many years. Happy Retirement Fran!!   Allyson Archacki

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