Thank you Deb!

Deb Anger

Deb Anger has been a valuable member of the Burlington School District Community for 28 years.  She spent her entire teaching career working with students at Hunt Middle School in several capacities.  She started out as a Physical Education Teacher and then helped develop and instruct a Family and Consumer Science Class.  She ended her career instructing the students of Hunt in a Health Class taking on a need to prepare students for the challenging health choices they are facing today.  Her students will miss her energetic personality as she is a strong presence in our Unified Arts department.  She is kind spirited and goes above and beyond for her students.  

Be flexible, have an open mind, and go with the flow … This way you too can make a difference in the lives of students.

Deb Anger
Deb Anger

Deb is proud of the work she has accomplished at Hunt Middle School.  Not only has she been a role model and influenced students to practice healthy behaviors, but she has also taken an active role in coordinating activities to promote a healthy staff.  Staff at Hunt have enjoyed learning some healthy recipes and exercise routines to enhance their lives thanks to Deb’s efforts.   We will “sorely” miss these opportunities.  

Deb will truly miss her students.  It is obvious from the countless stories she can share about her interactions with them.  Of course after 28 years of teaching we can just imagine what might have gone wrong in a kitchen while learning how to make monkey bread, or who needs a Band-aid after an injury in P.E. or  what student might need extra support after watching a tough video about the effects of alcohol.  She always strived to provide just the right amount of humor, concern and caring needed to reach students in this adolescent setting.  

Deb has these words of wisdom to pass on to incoming teachers.  She encourages you to be flexible, have an open mind, and go with the flow which leads to collaboration and harmony..  This way you too can make a difference in the lives of students.  

Her plans for the future include first and foremost enjoying more time with her family.  She will continue to live a healthy lifestyle as this has been a passion of hers that she has made a career of.  As Mark Twain once said,   “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Deb certainly took these words of wisdom to heart.  

Words from Colleagues:

“Deb is a very caring and compassionate person.  On countless occasions she has gone above and beyond ensuring that students’ well being is met.  She has shopped with needy students to purchase graduation clothing through her own initiative.  She has helped students with projects for classes other than her own.  She makes sure students have gloves and mittens for the winter.  She offers support to students when they are struggling.  She cares deeply about the people she interacts with. Her caring and kindness shines through in everything she does.” Kathy Hevey

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