Thank you Chris!

Chris Souliere

Chris Souliere has been teaching for 34 years. After graduating from Castleton State she taught for two years in Rutland County.  For the last 32 years she has been teaching physical education in Burlington. She has taught physical education at Edmunds, Thayer, Barnes and Wheeler, but has spent the majority of her career dedicated to the kids and families at C.P. Smith. Since Chris was a kid she has always enjoyed sports and physical activity. She is a kinetic learner, as are many kids and she connects to the students through movement.

My great pleasure in teaching is watching the kids’ joy in my class and love for physical education.

Chris Souliere

Words from Chris:

What I will miss:   My great pleasure in teaching is watching the kids’ joy in my class and love for physical education. I will miss the kids tremendously.

What I am proudest of: In my career I am proudest of developing both the walking and biking program and action based learning program.

Advice to pass on:  We need to provide learning for the whole child.

Future Plans:   I plan to have time to ride bikes, hike mountains, spend time with family and in the gardens. 

Words from Colleagues:

Chris is always enthusiastic and a positive role model.vShe’s innovative, she puts the kids first and is inclusive of all. She needs a new bike helmet!  Penne Wheeler

If I was asked to describe Chris Souliere in 2 words I would say positive energy. C.P. Smith has been lucky to have Chris as our incredible physical education teacher for many years. Chris not only emphasizes physical education she always looks at the whole child.

Chris has been directly responsible for so many healthy initiatives at our school everything from Action Based Learning, Walking Wednesdays, promoting healthy lifestyle decisions and helping families in so many ways. She has done this while always having kind words to share and a smile on her face. 

So many students who have gone through Smith recall Miss Souliere and her classes as the most positive experiences.

Chris, you will be dearly missed. Your C.P. Smith family wishes you the best in all your future adventures.  Patty Kissell

One of the truest signs of acceptance when I started working at C.P. Smith is when Chris Souliere befriended me, but don’t tell anyone I said that. Chris is always there for the students, in a tough love, no nonsense kind of way.  Chris is always there to listen and offer historical context on how and why things are the way they are, but don’t tell anyone that Chris told you so!  Chris has been a fixture of C.P. Smith for several generations of students & our community will remember her for decades to come, but don’t tell anyone about Chris’s awesomeness.  Chris likes to stay behind the scenes and quietly plan her world domination in privacy, but don’t tell her I told you that. Chris always makes me smile, and laugh a bit inside because I know she will finish most thoughts with, please don’t tell anyone that.  No problem Chris, my lips are sealed.  Dave Nacmanie

About two months ago, I was chatting with Chris about one of my former CVU students who had reached out to me about an application for an internship with DCF courts in Washington DC. Ironically, this student was also a student here at CP Smith, (ages ago!) and is someone she too hears from occasionally (via Crystal). 

I am grateful for Chris’s willingness to share, collaborate, and I admire her dedication to her students. I also really appreciate the fact that she will share her foam roller with me when I have a back ache! 

I will miss your enthusiasm, your willingness to share and give, and your smile each day! I hope you will find time to take care of yourself (not just your horses!), enjoy the garden, and take time to smell the roses!  Emily Mitchell

How privileged we have been to have Chris as a P.E. teacher at C.P. Smith. Her professionalism, innovative curriculum and genuine love and respect for children certainly make her a leader in her field. Thanks for inspiring our students to live healthy, active lives and for always going above and beyond. I will miss your smiling face in our halls but wish you all good things in the future!  Ann McKay

One Comment on “Thank you Chris!

  1. I knew Chris from being in the district, a year of preschool at CP Smith as well as years of Citykids throughout the year. Chris is a great person and a terrific teacher. Thank you for all you have done in the district Chris. You leave such a positive mark at CP Smith. I wish you the best in the future!


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