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Alice Patalano

Alice Patalano has been teaching for 22 years.  For the last 19 years she has been teaching first graders in Burlington.  Alice started her BSD teaching career at H.O. Wheeler Elementary and saw the school through its transition to become the Integrated Arts Academy. For the last three years, she has been teaching first graders at Champlain Elementary School.  Prior to teaching in Burlington, Alice was the team leader for an integrated preschool program for five years in Massachusetts and brought the program to NAEYC accreditation.

I believe that we are stronger when we work together. Nobody should teach in isolation, especially in these times.

Alice Patalano
Alice Patalano

Words from Alice:

What I am proudest of:  I am proudest about the relationships I’ve built with kids and families that have allowed children to reach their full potential. It has been especially gratifying assisting learners to overcome challenges and see themselves as learners and as valued members of the school community.

What I will miss: I will miss the smiles and going to work every day and feeling part of a strong teaching and learning community. I’ll miss collaborating with my colleagues. I will especially miss laughing and singing and dancing with six-year-olds.  I will always miss that ‘aha!’ moment when kids just get something and are entranced by new understanding.

Advice to pass on:  Collaborate with teammates! I believe that we are stronger when we work together. Nobody should teach in isolation, especially in these times. It is important to build on each other’s strengths. We need to support each other through the challenges and celebrate each other’s successes.

Future plans:  I’m going to let it happen.” I have plans to travel. I also plan to work on some of the many projects that I have put on hold. Most of all, I plan to be with family.

Words from Colleagues:

“Alice’s boundless energy, commitment to students and dedication to this work are truly amazing. As sad as I am to see her retire, I am made hopeful by the fact that she has influenced so many other educators. So, even if she is off having fun new adventures, the traits she embodies will continue in others.” Gavin Wallace

“The amount of things I have learned from you is immeasurable. Your influences on me will carry through my teaching career. You are an extraordinary educator and someone I always looked to for guidance and support.” Taylor Warner

“I will forever remember our 6:45 am political discussions.  I so valued the thoughtful manner you presented your position on a whole array of topics and challenged me to think harder about my positions.  However, what I mostly appreciated was knowing I could step across the hall and have your support  no matter what. Congratulations!” Eric Kaufmann

“I aspire to have the energy, love and care you portray daily for the youngest of our little cherubs.  You will forever be remembered for being that “little” (pretty sure he meant short sweetie) teacher that secures a safe, welcoming and loving environment.  I will miss seeing your bouncy, smiling self each morning…  How very lucky I have been to not only be with you at IAA but to also work with you at Champlain.  Love you very much.” Barb Juenker

“When I think of Alice, I think of someone who is full of energy and always seeking new practices/ways to improve her instruction. I was amazed by the routines she established early on in the year with her 1st graders; she had young students wanting to write multiple-page stories during her Writer’s Workshop! One time, she read aloud a book to them about snakes, which they loved. So, she fed their interest and checked out every book on snakes in the IAA library. After some time, her students knew everything there was to know about snakes! These are just a few of them many ways Alice demonstrated her expertise as a teacher, her energy, and how her passion for all learning was infectious.”  Kristen Bingel

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