Sick Leave Bank – Teachers & Paraeducators

Below is information on the sick leave bank in a format that is hopefully easier to read than your contract. It is important to note that there are a few differences between teacher and paraeducator eligibility and use of the sick leave bank. Before making any decisions you should contact your BEA building rep and read the appropriate sections in your contract. This summary is not a substitute for reading your contract.

Teacher Contract – Article XXIII, 23.1 (c)
Paraeducator Contract – Article VI, 6.1 (d)

Membership Criteria

  • Limited to regular-contract educators
  • Long-term substitutes and teachers on a limited-term contract (LTC) are not eligible to participate.
  • Limited-term contract that contributes in June will be eligible if hired FTE the following year.
  • Application for membership
    • Membership enrollment may happen
      • Teachers: At any time
      • Paraeducators: September 1 – 30 after successfully completing a one year probationary period
    • A reminder will go out between June 1 and ends June 30.
    • Educator must contribute 7.75 hours of personal time in the course of their employment.
    • Educator must inform BEA Office Administrator in writing of intention to join the sick bank.
  • Membership begins on the first day that the educator has contributed to the Sick Bank.

Funding the Sick Bank

  • Maximum number of hours that can accrue in the sick bank is:
    • Teachers – 3875 hours (500 days)
    • Paraeducators – 300 days
  • Replenishing the sick bank – Teachers
    • Additional contributions may be made between June 1-30.
    • An educator may donate 7.75 of personal time per year in subsequent years to replenish sick bank time that has been accessed.
    • Educator must inform BEA Office Administrator in writing of intention to donate additional hours to the sick bank.
  • Replenishing the sick bank – Paraeducators
    • Paraeducators may only donate additional sick days if the total number of days in the sick bank drops below 100.
  • Donated hours become the property of the sick bank and cannot be returned, even in the event of termination, resignation, or cancellation of membership in the sick bank.
  • All unused sick bank hours accrue to the next year.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Educator must be a member of the sick bank.
  • Educator may request a minimum of one-half day (3.875 hours) and maximum of one hundred and sixty school days. (1240 hours)
  • Educator must have exhausted accrued sick time.
  • The sick bank shall only be available for ‘extraordinary circumstances’ as determined by Sick Bank Committee.
  • An extraordinary circumstance may be determined by a medical professional.
  • Sick Bank Leave may qualify as FMLA Leave and be counted towards the annual FMLA leave allocation.
  • The necessary adjustments will be made so as to ensure that no teacher receives more than his or her normal net pay as a result of disability benefits and Sick Bank utilization.  
  • An educator cannot use the Sick Bank in combination with other leaves so as to be absent for more than a total of two (2) school years

Application Process:

  • Educator must submit a completed Sick Bank Request Form to the Sick Bank Committee.  If the educator is incapacitated, a BEA representative or administrator by begin the process on their behalf.
  • Educator must submit a statement, signed by a physician and verifying the need to access the sick bank, to the Sick Bank Committee at
  • An educator may be requested to appear before the Sick Bank Committee.
  • All requests must be approved by the Sick Bank Committee.
  • Educator is requested to submit request to the Sick Bank Committee within thirty days after the return to work for unexpected medical reasons.
  • Educator should submit request to the Sick Bank Committee fifteen days before a planned medical reasons.

Sick Bank Committee:

  • Comprised of four (4) members, two (2) to be designated by the Association and two (2) to be designated by the Board.
  • Request granted if:
    • Eligibility criteria are met
    • Educator completes the application process.
    • Sick Bank Committee unanimously agrees.
  • No request may be granted for more than one hundred sixty (160) school days without the further approval of the Committee.
  • The Sick Bank Committee’s decision is final and cannot be grieved.
  • Each decision by the Committee will stand alone and will not be considered precedent for future decisions.
  • The vote is public.

Current Committee Members:

BEA: Jean Paul Gagnon      
 BEA: TBD               
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