Issues in Education

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Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices are being used in Burlington’s Schools. Teachers are using Restorative Circles to build community. Restorative conversations can help students to restore harm that has been done.

Student & School Safety

School safety needs to be carefully thought out. Protocols need to be in place and followed. BEA members seek to be proactive with regard to our students safety. Safe classrooms are necessary for students to learn.

Standardized Testing

It seems like we are testing students more and more. Are the results telling us what we need to know? Are the tests we use unbiased? How much instructional time is lost to testing? Who profits off of standardized testing?


Burlington educators work each day to close the opportunity gap for their students. This gap, sometimes known as the achievement gap is keeping students from achieving their full academic potential.


Libraries are an important part of every school. In a world where it is more important than ever to understand fact from fiction, Burlington librarians and libraries are becoming more and more critical.


Trauma is ever present and a significant influence in today’s classrooms. BEA teachers and paraeducators are working to inform themselves about the best methods for teaching that are trauma informed.

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