Burlington Education Association backs Max Tracy for Mayor and gives nod to NNE City Council candidate Kienan Christianson

BURLINGTON – The city’s educators are recommending the election of Max Tracy for mayor, saying the Progressive will usher in a new era of city support for students, educators, and our schools. 

“When it comes to steadfast support of our schools, students, and educators, no other candidate came close,” said Andrew Styles, a fifth-grade teacher at Edmonds Elementary School who serves as the president of the Burlington Education Association. “He is also the only candidate who fully supports labor unions and their members.”

Max Tracy standing in front of Burlington

Tracy, as a long-time union organizer, understands the issues facing working Burlingtonians. His time on City Council is testament to the priorities we need right now, Styles said. He noted that Tracy’s focus on creating more opportunity for all Burlingtonians is a welcome change, and that includes strong support of the educators who strive to ensure that all city children receive the education they deserve. “He is making education a top priority, especially in ensuring that all students — especially BIPOC and those in poverty — get the education they deserve,” Styles said. “We unequivocally share this goal.”

In addition to Tracy, the city’s educators have recommended the election of  Kienan Christianson for the North District City Council seat. Christianson, a community advocate and lawyer, is endorsed by both the Democratic and Progressive parties. 

“This was an easy decision,” Styles said. “As teachers and paraeducators, we recognize hard work, empathy, and pragmatism when we see it. Kienan will be a powerful voice on the Council for labor and for the families we serve.” 

Christianson is well versed in educational issues in Burlington. At the law office of Lynn, Lynn, Manitsky and Blackmun, Kienan has worked cooperatively with the Burlington School District to craft strategies to promote student welfare, in particular to protect students from bullying and harassment. 

“He has committed to work with us — the city’s front-line educators — to ensure that all students have the resources they need to weather the pandemic and to thrive when it is over,” Styles said. 

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