Vermont-NEA Healthcare Organizing Summit – August 17th, 2019

Want to be better informed about the ongoing health care negotiation process which will determine the future of teacher and paraeducator health care? Interested in helping to organize and educate around this issue? Then register for this information packed summit. Here’s what VT-NEA has to say about it:

The Vermont-NEA Healthcare Organizing Summit, presented by the Vermont-NEA Health Care Council, will be held on Saturday August 17th from 10am-5pm at the Old Barre Labor Hall at 46 Granite Street. The Summit is for any Vermont-NEA member who is interested in organizing around healthcare issues among fellow union members and in the community. The specific focus will be on learning information and skills bring back to your local association to support your Statewide Health Care Bargaining Team as they continue negotiate for health insurance for all educators in Vermont as well as organizing beyond negotiations to help fix our broken healthcare system for all Vermonters. The members that make up the Vermont-NEA Health Care Council will lead the Organizing Summit with support from Vermont-NEA staff.

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