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Burlington Education Association President Andrew Styles welcomes educators back to school

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Burlington Education Association President Andrew Styles addressed the entire community of Burlington educators at an inservice held at Burlington High School, August 22, 2019. Below is the transcript of Andrew’s speech: My name is Andrew Styles, I am a fifth…

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Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices are being used in Burlington’s Schools. Teachers are using Restorative Circles to build community. Restorative conversations can help students to restore harm that has been done Over the next few months, this page will be adding posts on…

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Vermont-NEA Healthcare Organizing Summit – August 17th, 2019

Want to be better informed about the ongoing health care negotiation process which will determine the future of teacher and paraeducator health care? Interested in helping to organize and educate around this issue? Then register for this information packed summit….

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Being Trauma-Informed is Critical for Teachers

Trauma is ever present and a significant influence in today’s classrooms. BEA teachers and paraeducators are working to inform themselves about the best methods for teaching that are trauma informed. Over the next few months, this page will be adding…

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Help BSD Teachers with Donors Choose

Help BSD Teachers get ready for the new school year by funding a Donars Choose project.

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We Need You!

Our Spotlight On Educators is where we want to feature all the great things Burlington Teachers and Paraeducators are doing. Have you done something over the last year that has made you a better educator? Send a picture and one sentence to three paragraphs explaining what you have been up to. We’d love to hear about awards, cool workshops, interesting projects with students, conference presentations, degrees completed, community work and all of the other exciting things you do to be the excellent educator you are. Submit to arankaunion@gmail.com.

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