Burlington Teachers Agree to Meeting Called by Mediator; Postpone Strike by 1 Day

Contrary to information disseminated by district, the Burlington Education Association agreed to attend mediated bargaining session Wednesday

BURLINGTON – The leaders of the Burlington Education Association today agreed, at the request of a mediator, to meet with the board tomorrow at 11 a.m. and postpone any possible strike until Thursday. 
“This meeting was called by mediator Ira Lobel – who invited the mayor – and we will arrive ready to negotiate a contract that at least covers this year and ensures that we can attract and retain the very best for Burlington’s children,” said Fran Brock, a Burlington High School teacher who serves as the BEA president.
Despite information released by the district, there was never an agreement to meet this evening. “We responded to an invitation from Ira Lobel, and we accepted that this morning,” Brock said.
If no contract agreement is reached tomorrow, the city’s teachers will begin their strike Thursday morning.
Last week, the members of the association voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike in response to the board’s decision to impose employment terms minutes after the previous contract expired. The strike was scheduled to begin tomorrow, Sept. 13.

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