Negotiations Update, August 24, 2017

The Burlington Board of School Commissioners and the Burlington Education Association Thursday made some progress in their negotiation of a new contract. The two sides moved a bit closer regarding compensation and working conditions for a proposed two-year contract. A mediation session is set for August 31. 

Board members and BEA negotiators conferred directly about changing the assigned and unassigned time for high school teachers. “The discussion gave us a chance to explain why teachers need their preparation time, which was useful,” BEA President Fran Brock said. 
The teams were able to agree on a number of contract issues, but are still significantly apart on salary, healthcare insurance and working conditions.

“We made progress,” Brock said, “although we still have some thorny matters to sort out.” 

Teachers continue to be concerned that some of the Board’s proposals dealing with working conditions ignore the expertise and professionalism teachers bring to the schools. “Proposals that would take away unassigned time from teachers will curtail the ability of teachers to work with individual students; to collaborate  on student-directed programming; and develop, implement and assess student-directed curriculum,” Brock said.

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