Burlington Board Fails to Reach Contract Settlement with City’s Teachers

The Burlington School Board of Commissioners this week failed to reach a contract agreement with the women and men who teach the city’s children despite the recommendations of a mediator.

“We are disappointed that once again the board failed to truly negotiate with an aim toward reaching a settlement that allows Burlington to attract and retain the best for the city’s children,” said Fran Brock, a Burlington High School history teacher who serves as president of the Burlington Education Association. “We thought the mediator’s report gave us a framework for a settlement. Instead, the board’s negotiating team clearly was not interested in using the report to forge a deal.”

The report – which can now be shared with the public – made recommendations on salary increases, health insurance cost-sharing, and, changes to teachers’ workdays that would increase the amount of time they can devote to improving student performance. Interestingly, Superintendent Yaw Obeng is opposed to teachers’ using their unassigned time to prepare for lessons, provide learning interventions, and otherwise meet student needs.

According to the report, Obeng “readily confirmed that teachers used their unassigned time to attend to professional matters (and in his) view, that did not necessarily further the district’s educational goals and policies.” In other words, said Brock, “the Superintendent seems to be saying that having prepared, professional teachers somehow is contrary to the district’s goals.”

Brock said the fact-finding report issued by mediator Michael C. Ryan offers a path toward settlement that the board this week chose not to take. And while the association takes issue with some of the report’s recommendations – especially around health insurance – Brock said differences could be resolved.

The teachers’ contract expires August 31. A copy of the report can be found at www.beaworks.com

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