Message to Members

As you should know from our emails, your 10-minute meetings, and your regular visits to the Burlington Education Association web page, the negotiating teams will sit down on Monday afternoon for another session with a mediator. I have encouraged our negotiators to use the fact-finding report as a path forward.  

​Regardless of how the mediation session goes the contract will not be resolved tomorrow.  Therefore, we need to continue to show the community that we are a team. I ask each of you to stand with your fellow Burlington teachers on Tuesday night at 6:00 in Contois Auditorium.  Let us stand together to support our students, families and each other.  Teachers from all levels of education will speak for our students and for us.  And wear your BEA green!  

Burlington School Board Meeting
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 13
Time: 6 p.m. – this is a change.  
Place: Contois Auditorium
Use this Action Network Link to R.S.V.P.!

Wear your green t-shirt. Come stand to show the strength of our union. We are 400 strong: let’s show it.
See you there in SOLIDARITY!

Wear your buttons until we settle our contract:

Every Wednesday is BEA T-shirt day:

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