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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Welcome to District Faculty and Staff

Good morning! I am Fran Brock, president of the Burlington Education Association. Let me introduce your other officers, please stand: Andrew Styles, Vice President; Marcel Girouard, Treasurer; and Greg Gillard, Secretary. Also, here are the key committee chairs: Beth Fialko…

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Burlington Teachers Decry Board’s Path of Disruption

Burlington Education Association says Report of Neutral Fact-Finder Paves Path Toward Settlement BURLINGTON – The city’s teachers condemned the chair and vice-chair of the Burlington School Board for seeming to choose disruption instead of negotiation with their public threats of…

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BEA President Fran Brock’s Statement on Contract Negotiations

It is unfortunate that the school board and its negotiating team prefer to issue press releases rather than stay at the bargaining table to reach a settlement. Instead of trying to score points in the media, Board Chairman Mark Porter…

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