Officers and Building Reps

Your Burlington Education Association Officers and Building Representatives have been elected by you. They can help you out with all things union.

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2020-2021 Payroll Dates

Payroll dates have been set by the Burlington School District in accordance with the Master Agreements agreed upon between BEA and the School Board.

Know Your Contract

It is important to know what is in your contract. You contract doesn’t just set out your salary and benefits. It also has employee protections and language that helps you to better educate Burlington’s students.

BEA News

Burlington Education Association backs Max Tracy for Mayor and gives nod to NNE City Council candidate Kienan Christianson

Burlington Education Association backs Max Tracy for Mayor. City’s educators give nod to NNE City Council candidate Kienan Christianson

Heart of Education

Read about the teachers and paraeducators who are retiring after hundreds of years of joint experience.

Paraeducators Join the Sick Bank Now!

Paraeducators can join the sick bank by donating unused personal days.

We Need You!

Our Spotlight On Educators is where we want to feature all the great things Burlington Teachers and Paraeducators are doing. Have you done something over the last year that has made you a better educator? Send a picture and one sentence to three paragraphs explaining what you have been up to. We’d love to hear about awards, cool workshops, interesting projects with students, conference presentations, degrees completed, community work and all of the other exciting things you do to be the excellent educator you are. Submit to

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